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Fibre Yearbook 2020

The Fibre Yearbook is an essential, year-round companion for people at all stages of the optical communications supply chain. Component and subsystem vendors, network equipment manufacturers, planners, installers, systems integrators, global operators and end users of fibre-optic networks can all find something to interest them. It is designed to provide a platform to expand on the most important industry developments from the previous 12 months and how these will affect business in the year ahead.

Homeward bound

Keely Portway looks at the state of the market for fibre deployment in Europe and the US and what needs to be done in the next 12 months towards copper switch-off

An optical step ahead

Steve Harris looks ahead to the next 12 months and the impact that the latest technology may have on training for those on the front line

Teaming up

Keely Portway finds out how optical networking interoperability is achieved through industry collaboration

On Automatic

Robin Mersh advises on overcoming complexities and opening up new opportunities with automation

Connect the dots

Brian Teague offers the time and motion argument for inspection and cleaning in fibre cable assemblies

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