JGR Optics

JGR Optics upgrades PT5 Polarity Tester

The PT5 Polarity Tester from JGR Optics is now capable of testing 72 fibre ribbon cables, singlemode or multimode, in a single box, expandable up to 432 channels.

The PT5 can significantly improve throughput in a production environment where an efficient and error-free method is required to test and confirm the correct polarity of trunk cables. Applications include manufacturing, cable assembly testing and quality assurance inspection.

JGR Optics unveils EOTS Environmental Optical Test System

Test and measurement specialist JGR Optics has announced the availability of its new EOTS Environmental Optical Test System, which is used for insertion loss and return loss testing of optical components being stressed in a temperature/humidity chamber. The EOTS is designed to allow users to easily and accurately verify a component’s compliance to Telcordia and Verizon’s Fiber Optic Component (FOC) certification requirements components.

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