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Pumping up the PIC volume

There are many challenges to overcome to provide quick and efficient characterisation of photonic integrated circuits, finds Andy Extance

Keysight’s new Test Asset Optimization measures asset use and health in real-time

Keysight Technologies has launched Test Asset Optimization Services, which the company says is the industry’s first integrated solution that measures in real-time, asset true utilisation and health.

Keysight’s Test Asset Optimization Services is designed to eliminate the need for companies to assign personnel to manually record when instruments are in use and making measurements. It aims to allow customers to improve return on investments by optimising capital and operating expenses to meet test demands in research and development through manufacturing.

Keysight launches M8040A integrated 64GBd BERT

The M8040A from Keysight Technologies is a highly integrated 64Gbaud bit error ratio tester (BERT) that makes it easier for engineers in validation labs and R&D to perform physical layer characterisation of receivers for emerging 400G data centre interfaces.

R&D and validation labs that need to characterise high-speed receivers are facing new test challenges, such as tighter timing margins, channel loss, non-linearity, level interference and crosstalk effects. Test efficiency and accuracy are essential, and that’s where the M8040A shines, according to Keysight.

Keysight updates PAM-4 analysis software

Keysight Technologies has introduced two software updates for its real-time oscilloscope products. The updates are available in the Infiniium oscilloscope firmware version 5.60.

The N8827A PAM-4 analysis software update adds bit-error rate (BER) capabilities for four-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM-4) based signals. The N8834A MultiScope software update adds support for Keysight's InfiniiVision oscilloscopes.

Keysight tunable laser sources offer price-performance options

Keysight Technologies has introduced the 81607A, 81608A and 81609A tunable laser sources, a range of modules for the Keysight 8164B lightwave measurement system designed for high-throughput testing of optical components.

The new modules extend the product family that debuted in March 2015 with the Keysight 81606A tunable laser source, an instrument with sub-picometer tuning repeatability and best-in-class wavelength accuracy that is maintained even in full-speed, two-way sweeps.

Keysight introduces 92GSa/s arbitrary waveform generator

Research into the latest 200G, 400G and Terabit communication applications demands a new class of signal generator, according to Keysight Technologies. The company has responded by adding a 92-GSa/s, 32-GHz modular instrument to its portfolio of arbitrary waveform generators.

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