Laser Components

Laser Components

We have a range of fibre optic products to provide solutions, ranging from connectors to state-of-the art active/passive components such as switches, connectors, attenuators, splitters and couplers. Our portfolio includes test instruments powermeters, loss sets and OTDRs for MM/SM standard and out of band wavelength testing.

Tools of the trade

Keely Portway takes a look at what fibre engineers consider to be the most essential characteristics for test and measurement equipment, and how vendors are designing-out complexity to meet this demand

Toray POF can withstand temperature extremes

UK distributor Laser Components is now offering high-temperature plastic optical fibre (POF) from Toray Industries that is ideal for data transmission requirements in factory automation and automotive applications.

Laser Components offers lasers from Redfern Integrated Optics

UK distributor Laser Components is pleased to offer laser sources manufactured by Redfern Integrated Optics.  These high-performance single-frequency external cavity lasers (ECLs) are based on Redfern’s proprietary technology, PLANEX, which consist of an amplification chip and a planar waveguide structure (PLC) with an integrated Bragg grating.

‘Sugar cube’ modules enable upgrade to singlemode fibre

The PLD-1315 and PLD-23XX Series manufactured by PD-LD are a transmitter-receiver in a 'sugar cube' form-factor. The series is an ideal cost-effective fibre-optic communication solution for 150Mb/s over short and long range. The sugar cube form-factor allows designers to offer singlemode fibre performance in applications which currently use short-wavelength (850nm) components in identical form-factor packages. A link upgrade from multimode to singlemode fibre can be achieved by simply replacing the optical components on the circuit board.

Fibre coupler for CO2 lasers with patchcord connection

With Laser Components' coupling unit for CO2 lasers, laser beams are coupled with low loss into a hollow-core fibre; the maximum diameter of the laser beam may only be 5.0mm.

Fibres with an inner core diameter of 750µm and 1000µm exhibit very good transmission results. 

Due to its modular flange design, the coupling unit can be connected to any available CO2 laser source. Several adjustment screws make it possible to optimally adjust the laser beam across two rotatory and three translational axes. The coupling unit is fitted with an SMA connection.


Laser Components has introduced the CAB-LN1 series of low noise cables from Femto, designed to counter triboelectric and microphonic noise improving sensitive current and charge measurements. Using a semi-conductive layer between the dielectric and shield layers combined with high quality components which guarantees an insulation resistance >1014 Ω.

Major-A sensor

Laser Components has revamped InGaAs and extended InGaAs photodiode technology, which has led to the development of groundbreaking industrial “Plug&Play” sensors.

This new class of universal, purely digital sensors, known as the MAJOR, is the first of its kind and can serve as the building blocks of intelligent networks – on the path to Industry 4.0.

The Count NIR

Especially made for wavelengths in the near infrared, Laser Components has intro­duced the single photon counting module Count NIR. The company says it has a notable detection efficiency of 60 per cent at 810nm and achieves a maximum detection efficien­cy of almost 80 per cent at 700nm.

Dark count rates of less than 50 photons per second are common. To operate this module, TTL pulses can be used: for this purpose, the Count is equipped with a gating input. The power is connected using a 12V power supply.

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